Broadstone Group Information Pack

  1. Introduction
    [Introduction Letter]
  2. Contractors CDM Compliance
  3. Health & Safety Policy
    [Health & Safety Policy]
  4. Organisational Structure & CV's
    [Organisational Structure]
  5. Health & Safety Advisor
    [Health & Safety Advisor]
  6. Training
    [Continuous Development Program]
    [Personal Development]
    [Training Records]
  7. Certificates & Qualifications
    [Certificates & Qualifications]
    [Asbestos Awareness Certificates]
  8. Review Process
    [Review Overview]
    [Review Process]
  9. Sample Construction Phase Plan
    [Sample Construction Phase Plan]
  10. Subcontractors Pre-Qualification
  11. Sample Method Statement & Risk Assessments
  12. Site Induction & Site Rules
    [Site Rules]
  13. Tool Box Talk Register
    [Tool Box Talk Register Overview]
    [Tool Box Talk Registers]
  14. Evidence of Welfare Facilities
    [Evidence of Welfare Facilities Overview]
    [Evidence of Welfare Facilities]
  15. Project Filing System
    [Project Filing System Overview]
    [Project Filing System]
  16. Accreditations
    [Accreditation Certificates]
  17. Company Insurance & Financial Statements
    [Company Insurance]
    [Financial Statements]
  18. References
  19. Project Profiles
    Care Homes - [Voyage]
    Commercial - [Victoria Spring]
    Disabled Adaptations - [Derby] - [Meadow Close]
    Listed Buildings - [Tong Barns]
    New Builds - [Irwin Ave] - [Ling Lane] - [Reevy Ave] - [Eddercliffe] - [Hawksworth] - [Leeds Road]
    Offices & Leisure - [Farsley] - [Tong]
    Work in Progress - [Geldard Rd] - [Hough Side] - [Albion Mount] - [Meads]
  20. Client List
    [Client List]

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